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Missions Off The Clock

Posted on February 3rd, 2016 Bookmark and Share

Employees at Hedrick Industries reach out to our communities in need while at work and while off the clock, as exemplified in a collaborative construction project that some employees completed last year. When a neighbor was living in a 375 square foot dilapidated house, whose separated walls and rotted floors were leaving the inhabitant exposed to the elements, our employees took action. They asked other community members and businesses to join them in the task of building their neighbor a new home. Close to $20,000 in monetary donations was raised for the project, as well as household items such as a bed, couch, stove, washer, refrigerator, air conditioner, blocks for underpinning, septic tank, wood heater, sinks, well pump and holding tank for water. There were volunteers for all aspects of the project: a carpenter, plumber, electricians, and septic installers with their own equipment. Southern Concrete Materials, a branch of Hedrick Industries donated a septic tank and lines were sold to the project at a discounted rate.  There were even several that cooked daily meals for the crew in order to fuel their efforts.

Employees took their vacation time from work to contribute to the project, so construction had to be completed in one week. With time of the essence, every volunteer involved was hard-working and diligent. To the pre-fabricated home, the team built two extra rooms in the one-room house, so the owner would have a separate bedroom and bathroom. They added new windows, to increase the naturally lighting in the home. The team dug a new spring and installed a holding tank and well pump for water and septic system. In a weeks time, our employees gave a neighbor in need a roof over his head with running water and heat from the wood burning stove.

See pictures below from the volunteer project: