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Aquadale Quarry Supplies Materials for ProBlock

Posted on March 18th, 2016 Bookmark and Share

Johnson Concrete, a sister company to Hedrick Industries, supplies full lines of concrete block, brick, retaining wall systems, concrete interlocking pavers, stone veneer, natural building stone and more. In 2010, they hosted an event called “Thinking Outside the Block” to discuss ways to improve the design of a basic concrete masonry unit. During the meeting, architects and masons highlighted key requirements for a new product:


  1. More energy efficient to address energy code requirements
  2. Design flexibility
  3. Cost competitive
  4. Shorten construction schedules
  5. Meet fire rating requirements


  1. Lightweight
  2. Lift unit one-handed to maintain productivity
  3. Well-balanced

From years of collaboration and innovation the ProBlock was created. ProBlock is designed more lightweight, safer, energy efficient, and productive than previous masonry blocks.

Problock comprises lightweight aggregate – some of which comes from Hedrick’s Aquadale Quarry. A normal 12-inch block weighs more than 48 pounds. A light-weight 12-inch block weighs about 39 pounds. The Problock weighs 22.5 pounds.

Problock is safer not only because of its lightweight quality, but is reshaped with an open end. This allows for faster work around reinforcing steel. This design increases productivity and reduces job site injuries as contractors can slide the masonry unit around the rebar rather than going up and over it. Problock also adds wedges to the open end and a center handhold. This distributes the weight equally across the block. The handhold moves the center of gravity higher in the block, so it feels more balanced. What’s more, the insulation (or R-value) is 295% higher than regular masonry block, making it more efficient and easier to meet energy codes.

Johnson brought in three masons to lay a wall using normal weight units, lightweight units, and ProBlock units. The objective was to determine what productivity efficiencies were gained from using the ProBlock. As it turns out, the mason using ProBlock laid 13 more blocks during the same amount of time.

Over time, Problock has evolved even further. There is now a splitface version, a knockout version to create an “H” shape, and a 4” high “half high” unit to give the appearance of utility brick. With licensee manufacturers across the United States, Johnson just finished building a Walmart in Florida with the new block products. ProBlock benefits owners, architects, engineers, and masons. It is a great solution for energy efficiency, productivity, safety and profitability. Hedrick is proud to provide the raw materials to produce such an excellent product!

For more information on the ProBlock story, or to contact Johnson Concrete, visit their website HERE