Dispatch & Residential Sales

BV Hedrick Gravel & Sand (Lilesville, NC)
(704) 633-4241

Lake Norman Quarry (Stanley, NC)
(704) 827-8114

Piedmont Sand (Pageland, SC)
(704) 633-4241

Aquadale Quarry (Norwood, NC)
(704) 474-3165

Norman Sand (Candor, NC)
(336) 337-0706

Western North Carolina Locations

Grove Stone & Sand (Black Mountain, NC)
(828) 686-3844

North Buncombe Quarry (Asheville, NC)
(828) 645-5560

South McDowell Quarry (Marion, NC)
(828) 738-0332

Green River Quarry (Flat Rock, NC)
(828) 693-0025

Commercial Sales Inquires & Technical Questions

Material Sales

Warren Moser, President
Cell / (704) 579-0086

Brad Ammons, Sales Manager
Cell / (336) 337-0706

Logan Bell, Sales Associate
Cell / (336)380-4084

Material Sales (WNC)

Jon Neumann, Vice President
Cell / (828) 230-2774

Sam Winfield, Sales Associate
Cell / (828) 712-8794


Customer Appreciation and Retirement Luncheon at Aquadale Quarry

Posted on May 26th, 2016

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Around 80 customers attended last week’s Customer Appreciation Luncheon at Aquadale Quarry. The event also honored one of our retiring salemen, Tony Harris, who has been an asset to the sales team at Aquadale for over 5 years. To show our appreciation for our customers’ and employees’ continued support and hard work, free BBQ, fixings, and a good time by all were shared.


Rocks Build America

Posted on May 19th, 2016

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DID YOU KNOW? In your lifetime, you will need 1.18 million pounds of stone, sand & gravel. From our roads, homes, and everyday products, aggregate materials are the make-up of our modern world.  For an in-depth look at the impact of rocks in our country, visit the NSSGA website  HERE

Quarry Day_6

Stockpile Safety

Posted on May 11th, 2016

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Keeping our employees safe is our number 1 priority at Hedrick Industries.

According to MSHA, seven dozers were involved in stockpile accidents last year. Stockpile accidents happen most often when the rock material is “bridged” over a feeder, or other equipment, and a hidden cavity forms. Idle, rarely used stockpiles can also become more prone to bridging as the rock material consolidates over time. Stockpile bridging has the potential to be a serious danger, so use these practices to prevent accidents around stockpiles:

  1. Never operate dozers directly above a feeder.
  2. Always operate equipment facing the feeder
  3. Place markers directly overhead of a feeder to indicate its location.
  4. Install high strength safety glass in dozer cabs used on stockpiles.
  5. Equip stockpile dozers with a transmitter that sounds an alarm and stops feeders and belts when the signal is lost.

Old Quarry Offers Anthropological Insight

Posted on May 2nd, 2016

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Photo credit: Leore Grosman Naama Goren-Inbar

Photo credit: Leore Grosman Naama Goren-Inbar

A quarry dating back to 11,000 years ago was newly discovered in Israel. The early Neolithic people that inhabited that area mined the Quarry at Kazier Hilltop for its flint and limestone. Archeologists found round cupmarks in the landscapes surface as evidence of a  large-scale quarry operation. The land was a part of the Meshash Formation, which was located in the caliche crust, known for its soft, powdery rock surface. In caliche areas, flint and limestone were extracted for the manufacturing of tools. Without the use of these tools, farming communities would not have developed. With the development of farming, cultural stages shifted away from hunter-gatherer way of life to cultivating their own foods.

Without the mining of aggregate material, indeed society and the tools we use could have evolved in a much different way.

Read the full story HERE

2016 Spartan U.S. Championship Series at Grove Stone

Posted on April 22nd, 2016

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Grove Stone, our quarry outside of Asheville, NC is one of the five race courses hosting the 2016 Spartan U.S. Championship Series. Kicking off in May, the most elite athletes will compete in one race a month at select Spartan Race courses across the county. Race 4 is “Southeast Showdown,” at Grove Stone on August 6th. The races will all be filmed (and then broadcast at a later date) on NBC Sports Television. Whether you are a competitor yourself or an enthusiastic spectator, take this great opportunity to be apart of it all with some of the best athletes out there.



For more on race dates, locations, and NBC air times, check out Spartan U.S. Championship Series official website