Dispatch & Residential Sales

BV Hedrick Gravel & Sand (Lilesville, NC)
(704) 633-4241

Lake Norman Quarry (Stanley, NC)
(704) 827-8114

Piedmont Sand (Pageland, SC)
(704) 633-4241

Aquadale Quarry (Norwood, NC)
(704) 474-3165

Norman Sand (Candor, NC)
(336) 337-0706

Western North Carolina Locations

Grove Stone & Sand (Black Mountain, NC)
(828) 686-3844

North Buncombe Quarry (Asheville, NC)
(828) 645-5560

South McDowell Quarry (Marion, NC)
(828) 738-0332

Green River Quarry (Flat Rock, NC)
(828) 693-0025

Commercial Sales Inquires & Technical Questions

Material Sales

Warren Moser, President
Cell / (704) 579-0086

Brad Ammons, Sales Manager
Cell / (336) 337-0706

Logan Bell, Sales Associate
Cell / (336)380-4084

Material Sales (WNC)

Jon Neumann, Vice President
Cell / (828) 230-2774

Sam Winfield, Sales Associate
Cell / (828) 712-8794


In order to provide a safe and healthful work environment, we have established a workplace safety program that is a top priority for Hedrick Industries. Through intensive, ongoing training, Hedrick Industries provides our employees with best practices and reinforcement of guidelines that will help keep us safe at our jobs each and every day. We also strive to keep our workplace fun – through challenges from site to site or through incentive programs to help reward exceptional performance.

Hedrick Industries values safe and productive teamwork. Hedrick Industries also realizes that everyone at each division of the company is a vital component to our overall success. We know that we have a tremendous responsibility as stewards not only to our customers and our personal safety – but also to our environment. We understand that the earth that we utilize for our natural resources needs to be protected and maintained in order for us to be true and partners of our own communities and neighborhoods.

We strive to comply fully with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. We have a comprehensive environmental policy that demands regular training for each of our employees and on-going compliance with high-standards. Through continued training, Hedrick Industries has developed one of the strongest environmental programs in the industry – having been recognized time and again for our dedication to our surrounding habitats. We also have an extensive education and community outreach programs at many of our sites. These programs allow us to share the production process for aggregate construction materials with local school-children and our neighbors.


Safety Excellence Award
Based on the ability of an individual mine site to maintain a safe workplace, evidenced by its safety performance over a consecutive period of time without an MSHA reportable injury. Norman Sand has gone 14 Years without a Reportable Injury to MSHA.

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Safety Achievement Award / Multiple Awards
Awarded to plant who has demonstrated safe practices through the elimination of Lost Time Injuries. North Quarry has gone 15 years without a Lost Time Accident.

Awarded to plant who has demonstrated safe practices through the elimination of Lost Time Injuries. Lessee’s of B.V. Hedrick has gone 5 years without a Lost Time Accident.

Awarded to plant who has demonstrated safe practices through the elimination of Lost Time Injuries. Norman Sand has gone 14 years without a Lost Time Accident.

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Three-Time Environmental Excellence Gold Award Winner
Awarded to plants actively contributing to the maintenance of the environment in and around their operations, as evidenced by a coporate commitment to the full use of environmental controls an systems.

Excellence in Community Relations Gold & Silver Award Winner
Awarded to plants whose community involvement and support activities enhanced the public’s perception of the aggregates industry.

Two time National Stars of Excellence Award Winner
The national stars of excellence is NSSGA’s most significant and prestigious award that can be eraned by an individual aggrgates operation.

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The Governor’s Award as Business Conservationist of the Year
Presented by / The North Carolina Wildlife Federation

National Mineral Education Award – Public Outreach Category
Presented by / Interstate Mining Compact Commission

North Carolina Stewardship Award – Public Outreach / Education and Community Relations
Presented by / NC Mining Commission and NCDENR